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HEck yesssssss

Today was friggen awesome! I love you Shelby and Jared!!!! It was FUN! Lol. Nice weather too.

So yeah, Shelby, Jared, and I went to Jumpin Java, walked in and these preps were staring at us so we took a seat at the booth area. It was fun. We flicked this thing at each other. Then Shelby used clear mascara to draw on the table. Lol. Then we played the "Effer" game. LOL! Later, the preps left so we went to buy some Jones Soda. Pretty good. Um, then we left and walked where the wind takes us to. Which was to the elevator at that one spot. Lol. Wow, hahaha. Then um yeah, walked to a surf shop, then MINI GOLF! Lmao, we suck so much you guys. Lol. Jared's golf ball fell into this lil puddle, Mine flew through the fence so Shelby got over it to get it for me. Lol. Then Shelby whacked her ball and it hit me at my special spot. But I'm okay. Hahaha. Then we left and ummmmmm, yeah, walked were our heart brings us to. Which was to the pier! Lol. It was fun walking there. Because we stopped at this hill to roll down, and we had this rolling race. Obviously, Jared and Shelby won. Then we had  A LOT of acorn fights. LOL! We walked on rocks, and benches and lots of stuff. Then um yeah, we got to the pier and touched the light house thing and walked back. Then we talked about something, not sure, but this guy looked at us and laughed cuz it was funny. Lol. Anyways, we walked to the beach, fun, I was going Shelby a piggy back ride, but turns out we fall sideways. LOL! That was hilarious. Then I got a cut on my fingers from this twig... Lol. Sad but true. Walked back, got water. Then yeah, yelled at this person, yelled at a person fishing. Held hands and skipped. Danced to a music that was at this boat. Um, another acorn fight and I meant to throw it at Shelby but it decided to hit Jared on the head. LOL! Sorry about that still. Lol. Then we had an acorn fight. Um, walked back to JJ. Went in and went to the back door. I threw water at them, Shelby tried to throw this thing at Jared but missed and hit a car. LMAO! So we left and sat at this one area infront of JJ. It was funny, um yeah. It was an awesome day. Had lots and lots of fun. Ended up with 4 blisters and 3 cuts. Heck yes!!!!!! And they burn too. Lol. But yeah, I hope we can do this again sometime. I also took a few pictures that I'll post later when I'm not lazy. Lol.



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