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Today is an awesome day for me. Before school, went to Meijers. LOL! Yes.. again. Afterwards, my mommy got 3 cents and she doesn't use pennies so she told me to put it on that the pony machine thingy. And there's already 6 cents on there. So, I decided to take a ride on the lovely pony. LOL! It's so funny because it's so small and my knees bend when I sit on it unlike when I was 8yrs old. And the belt thingy doesn't fit on me. :(  The funny part was that my mom had to stand there and wait till it's over and whoever walked in were looking at me wierd.

THEN THEN THEN! We had about 13mins to waste so we went to D&W to buy doughnuts. It was good. I even took a picture of it!


You know you wanna eat it.. you know it looks good... mmmmmm it was good..

Then blahblahbhablahbha, school was good. I got a 27.5 out of 28 on my Algebra test. YAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYA!!!!!!!! Lol, I'm so happy about that. Except, we have the Exam reviews now...

Well that's not so fun.. But I got bored in class and decided to draw a picture. YAY!

Lol, isn't it beautiful?! Hahahaha... um yeah, Art class, sat there and talked the whole hour because I had nothing to work on. Civics was boring, wrote notes all day because NOTES ARE SO MUCH FUN!... not.. Speech, have a speech tomorrow, going to be fun. Science, really boring. English, boringer.

Alright, peace out!



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