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Yeah, picture time.

Pictures taken from today. Yippy yay.


 My piggy is sideways... hahaha

 Waiting for speech class to start! WOO!

 Lisa had a doughnut wrapped in paper towel.....

 Lisa giving her doughnut to Brandon with Dirk and others asking for some


 Still, class hasn't started.. actually it did but we had a sub and she was wierd... Lol. And there's Jen, she's awesome, the one in the black and purple. "JUST CHILL LADY!" hahaha

 Speech can be boring sometimes..

 Dirk got in my way.... so there's his shirt.

 Frey is tall.. but Graham is TALLER. Except, I don't have a picture of Graham. Sad... :(

 HI SHELBY!!!! Lol.

 Look! Stupid gothic wannabe's!

 Matt got in my way when I tried to take a picture of Kye... Poop head...

 Lunchable that's about... a week and a half old..

 Hi Kelli, Thanks for looking away.

 Homework during lunch... freak..

 Sam's bf likes to wear shirts that are long like dresses. But he looks awesome in them. Lol.

 Lmao.. Sam had an idea of making a pizza, then giving it to someone and see if they'll eat it like nothing is wrong with it. But Mallory was gone. ROFL!

 I like the colorful cookie. It looks cute.

Left lunch, went to back stairs of pod 2. Lol.

 That's cool Sam. Lmao.

 Yeah, we're awesome!

 No comment.

 No comment.

 Nice.. lol

 Lol, Seth likes to lay on the tables to read his book..

 A collection of those bracelets huh?

 Math during English class... Lol


 Lol, I turn out bad in pictures.

 Lol. yup!

K.. that's all. There will be more pictures coming later! maybe...?

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