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Ta DA!

Most of you guys might already know this but sadly.. Pistons lost, 95-96, we could of won but Spurs made a shot during the 9.5 seconds left. Then there was about 5 seconds left, Pistons tried to make it in the hoop but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY MISSED AHAHHAHFLEEKAJ42t#h@qoIYGJ2QY4!lkt@j... Better luck next year.

I'm bored... So I'll write 100 things about myself.

1.] I get bored easily.. it's sad...

2.] Many things amuses me, Hahahhahaha

3.] I wish I could hang out with the awesome people at West Ottawa right now

4.] I hate GHHS

5.] About 85% of the students in GHHS are stuck ups, sluts, hypocrites[sp?], posers, dumbasses, it's sad.

6.] I'm awesome

7.] I only have 4 real friends, Shelby, Kyeann, Kelli, and Nicole. <3 you guys!

8.] I like to hang out with my cousins, they're awesome.

9.] WO is better than GHHS, like what Chris said.

10.] I speak more than 2 language because I'm cool.

11.] I'm not cool.

12.] I laugh too much.

13.] I need to have some sort of medicine that stops my laughyness.

14.] Adam singing in church makes me laugh a lot.. then my mom gets angry LOL

15.] I'm an awesome dancer, ask Napoleon, he was my coach.

16.] I get allergies during Spring.

17.] I tend to end up getting hurt a lot.

18.] I don't trust myself with sharp objects hahaha.

19.] I got soap in my mouth when I was about.. 6yrs old.. hahah.. stupidity.. good times

20.] I stuck my hand on the stove and burned it,  hahaha, my mom used tooth paste. hahahahah

21.] When I was a itty bitty little girl, hahaha, I played with cans and cut my foot with it and laughed about how it was bleeding.

22.] I peeled off adams Ninja Turtles sticker off the wall and he got angry at me.

23.] I had a balloon once and it flew away outside and i couldn't get it back and i was sad

24.] My cousin and i had a race then i tripped.. i always trip.. then i fell and scraped my knee and it started to bleed a lot and i told adam but he didn't care, he was busying talking about those pokemon stuff

25.] i wuz eh meenknee p-p hedd wen i wuz littill.

26.] i lyke tu type lyke dis sumtyms

27.] i lyke tu eet fode

28.] i luv jahleigh ranchurs

29.] i lyke ise screem mostleigh kooky doh

30.] i hate bugs, dey r ewi n dey skair mi aweh

31.] i hate pupil who r dum n meen tu mi

32.] i hate raceizum

33.] guyz r dum

34.] xcept 4 u mark, yer r a "nerd" :P i got it rite know!!!!

35.] i hav a pet ginny pig n i luv him, he iz mi beast frend

36.] i want a reed 2006 eclipse

37.] i sumtyms mak fun ov mi frends but dey kno im jokin

38.] i hav ey lot ov braselets

39.] i mad dem all buy miself

40.] i lyke tu tak pikchures wid tha digicam

41.] i luv tu lisen tu mewzic

42.]  i hate et wen pupil go "oh did u wach billy talent - lies on mtv lass nite? he sew hawt and i lyke his mewzic" den dat song bcoms popyerlur n it played on aylot off raydeoh stayshins n teevee channelles

43.] i hat how pupil kall dem selfs "punk"  or sumwut laybell demselfs bcuz dey r juss makin eh foo owt ov dem self.

44.] i don't kno wut ells tu tipe about mi self know

45.] ell end hear i gess

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